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lastname firstname title phone number e-mail department/division
lesicko david interim staff, auxiliary services 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
mccalop larry pt staff, purchasing 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
lane pam interim staff, accounting 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
morris tamya interim staff, accounting 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
presley jenica paige interim staff, travel 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
cole mike interim budget director 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
rob wingfield interim registrar 678-623-1202
bailey curtis p/t learning support coordinator 678-623-1312 academic affairs
braswell michael instructor of physics/engineer 404-756-4025 sciences & Health Professions
butler jamie lecturer of english Humanities & Fine Arts
clark david sss stem counselor 678-623-1168 student affairs
glanton shannon instructor of A & P 404-756-4025 sciences & Health Professions
lamb maryann assistant professor of esl 404-756-4702 Humanities & Fine Arts
moore quintero instructor of biology sciences & Health Professions
normil wadner instructor of biology 404-756-5692 sciences & Health Professions
o'bryant deon assistant professor of biology 678-623-1254 sciences & Health Professions
obryant charity chem laboratory assistant science Math & Health Profession
raven keiana financial aid assistant 678-623-1179 financial aid
starks kenneth lecturer of chemistry 404-756-3789 sciences & Health Professions
virnig timothy assistant profess digital media 404-756-3922 Humanities & Fine Arts
wimbish-robinson jennifer sr. financial aid officer 678-623-1180 financial aid
stallings kenneth director upward bound west clayton 404-756-4966 upward bound, west clayton
carr bria educational specialist 404-756-4966 upward bound, west clayton
glynn jakeia educational specialist 404-756-4966 upward bound, talent search
markland karlos educational specialist 404-756-4966 upward bound, thomaston
grimes-solomon kimberly vp enrollment and student affairs 404-756-4585 student affairs
davis tocarro Coordinator of Recruitment & Retention 404-756-4783 office of testing
white latonya financial aid system analyst 404-756-4002 financial aid
williams terri financial aid counselor 404-756-4002 financial aid
hogans stonte' admissions specialist 404-756-4004 admissions
financial aid office   main number 404-756-4002  
benson tiffany student financial aid counselor 404-756-4002 financial aid
carol jones interim director of financial aid 404-756-4002 financial aid
mcclain duane photography/yearbook 678-623-1185 upward bound fulton
rivers jamila records coordinator 404-756-4001 registar
phillips patrick instructor of first year experience 678-623-1278 social science division
nicholson amanda instructor 404-756-4033 social science division
mcmurty anita assistant professor of criminal justice 404-756-4708 social science division
greer tammy lecturer of criminal justice 678-623-1307 social science division
mays hazel associate professor of education 404-756-4824 social science division
stewart larry associate professor of criminal justice 678-623-1309 social science division
haberman joann instructor of psychology 678-623-1304 social science division
catchings andrea instructor of first year experience 404-756-4033 social science division
caldwell kaila instructor of first year experience 404-756-4033 social science division
brooks kimberley senior secretary 678-623-1171 science, Math, & Health Professions
ekwuocha anthonia assistant professor of mathematics 678-623-1291 science, Math, & Health Professions
abdullatif bassam lecturer of mathematics 404-756-4744 science, Math, & Health Professions
sellers richard dispatcher 404-756-4477 amsc police department
shackelford mardis police officer 404-756-4477 amsc police department
hollwell shellian dispatcher/admini assist 404-756-4477 amsc police department
white barron police officer 404-756-4477 amsc police department
gunn torran police officer 404-756-4477 amsc police department
gardner george security officer 404-756-4477 amsc police department
howard linda executive secretary 404-756-4585 student affairs/academic affairs
turner-gaston lashelle lecturer of english 404-756-3916 Humanities & Fine Arts division
sanders david custodial i 404-756-4003 custodial services
rapley james c custodial i 404-756-4003 custodial services
pringle tamika custodial i 404-756-4003 custodial services
glenn tobias custodial services 404-756-4003 custodial services
crowley ca'mesha custodial i 404-756-4003 custodial services
hepburn muriel instructor 404-756-4006 business and computer science
polidore brittani computer services specialist 678-623-1299 center for academic advising & Success
francois edward data manager, division of student affairs 678-623-1298 student affairs
dinh hieu tong assistant professor - chemistry 404-756-4025   science, math, and health professions division
    main number 678-623-1285   central receiving office
pickett dakiesha senior financial analyst 678-623-1129 fiscal affairs
mangum vincent dean, school business and information technology 404-756-4006 Business & Computer science division
    main 404-756-4097   bookstore
kirby donald service/maintenance worker     building maintenance
singletary leander coordinator, student conduct/vet affairs 678-623-1266 veterans affairs
smith cassandra director sss stem 678-623-1325 student support services
montgomery michael conference center manager 678-623-1280 fiscal affairs
Business & Computer science division   main number 404-756-4006   Business & Computer science division
cafeteria   main number 404-756-4402   cafeteria
academic affairs office   main number 404-756-4443   academic affairs
counseling and disability services   main number 404-756-4016   counseling and disability services
custodial services   main number 404-756-4003   custodial services
registrar's office   main number 404-756-4001   registrar's office
admissions office   main number 404-756-4004   admissions office
Center for Academic Advising & Success   main number 404-756-4784 the center for academic advising
human resources office   main number 404-756-4047   human resources office
humanities and fine arts division   main number 404-756-4013   humanities and fine arts division
institutional advancement dept..   main number 404-756-4666   institutional advancement dept..
institutional effectiveness dept..   main number 404-756-4654   institutional effectiveness dept..
plant operations   main number 404-756-4003   maintenance
management information system office   main number 404-756-4052   management information system office
president's office   main number 404-756-4440   president's office
amsc police department   main number 404-756-4477   amsc police department
school of science and health professions division   main number 404-756-4025   sciences & Health Professions division
school of social sciences and humanities   main number 404-756-4033   social sciences division
student activities office   main number 404-756-4916   student activities
student affairs office   main number 404-756-4585   student affairs
Student Outreach & Access Office   main number 404-756-4635   student outreach and access office
office of testing services   main number 404-756-4783   office of testing services
upward bound office   main number 404-756-4059   upward bound office
upward bound /trio   main number 404-756-4966   upward bound/trio
heard michael provost and vpaa 404-756-4443 academic affairs
rickenbacker keel administrative secretary 678-623-1145 strategic marketing and advancement
mirza faisal associate professor 404-756-4717 business and computer science division
crawford brian associate prof. of moleculor biology 404-756-4025 sciences & Health Professions
gilliam kierstin administrativel assistant 404-756-2742 student support services
nguyen tuyet upward bound clayton ed. specialist 678-623-1197 upward bound - clayton
williams dorothy director, counseling and disability services 678-623-1205 counseling and disability services
senalte pitso mathematics lecturer 404-756-4025 sciences & Health Professions
akoh harry interim dean, school of social sciences and humanities 404-756-4716 social sciences
dowdell james instructor of mathematics 404-756-4025 sciences & Health Professions
chatman candice interim dean, school of sciences and health professions 678-623-1256 sciences & Health Professions
lee deborah director,upward bound - fulton 404-756-4059 upward bound - fulton
duhart sharon director, caas 404-756-4784 center for academic advising & Success
ravi kokila director Online & Spec Learning Program 678-623-1141 academic affairs
futa imora academic success advisor ii 404-756-5690 center for academic success
rawls regina academic advisor ii 404-756-5690 center for academic success
sizemore michael academic advisor i 404-756-5690 center for academic success
davis gloria library assistant i 404-756-4010 library
ananaba agu associate professor of business 404-756-4721 business and computer science
onabanjo babatunde associate professor of computer science 678-623-1270 Business & Computer science division
hall kenneth custodian i 404-756-4003 custodial services
jenkins cheka service/maintenance worker 404-756-4003 custodial services
printup eric custodial i 404-756-4003 custodial services
wilcox james security officer 404-756-4003 custodial services
glenn mona senior secretary 404-756-4033 social sciences division
kirkland sharieka coordinator of admissions 678-623-1110 admissions
morgan barbara professor emeritus 404-756-4025 science, Math, & Health Professions
nick henry interim vp for fiscal affairs 404-756-4442 fiscal affairs
strickland vincent accounts payable specialist 678-623-1135 fiscal affairs
saylor rachel cashier/student accounts rep i 678-623-1131 fiscal affairs
clark yokoya hr generalist 678-623-1117 human resources
williams mitzi chief human resources officer 678-623-1115 human resources
benson silveree instructor 404-756-4692 humanities and fine arts division
hildenbrand joan professor of reading 404-756-4669 humanities and fine arts division
mitchell shawn assistant professor of english 404-756-3919 humanities and fine arts division
mallory lisa professor of english 404-756-4700 humanities and fine arts division
james shelia office/clerial assistant 678-623-1203 upward bound - fulton
cunningham mark associate provost, sacscoc acreditation liaison 404-756-4654 institutional effectiveness
chambers tarita reference librarian 678-623-1153 library
harmon carolyn library assistant iii 678-623-1150 library
quarles robert director 678-623-1240 library
beasley charles maintenance foreman 404-756-4003 building maintenance
chatman jesse skilled trades worker 404-756-4003 building maintenance
powers tichina database specialist 404-756-4052 management information system
travis antonio chief information officer 404-756-4023 management information system
eddins charles it network support professional 678-623-1104 management information system
rice hazel secretary 678-623-1228 phy plant administration
hopson delise executive assistant to the president 678-623-1126 president's office
lewis georj president 404-756-4440 president's office
mcmillan elridge amsc scholar in residence 404-756-4404 amsc scholar in residence
pope stanley postal assistant 678-623-1285 central receiving
choi gyuheui associate professor mathematic 404-756-4739 sciences & Health Professions
desai shreyas assistant professor of mathematics 404-756-4781 sciences & Health Professions
rollings meda Executvie director of Faculty & Administrative Services 678-623-1148 academic affairs
mitchell bryan assoicate professor of biology 404-756-2733 sciences & Health Professions
patterson joseph associate professor of Mathematics & Physics 404-756-4748 sciences & Health Professions
baldwin leroy associate professor of criminal justice 404-756-4710 social sciences division
geisert michelle assistant professor of sociology 404-756-4711 social sciences division
williams michelle executive director, secme 678-623-1211 secme
todd curtis professor of social work 404-756-2749 social sciences division
kowal jonathan coordiinator of Recreation & Intramural Sports 404-756-3895 social sciences division
mccray kenja associate professor of history 404-756-4715 social sciences division
wilkes, jr. robert assistant professor of political science 404-756-2747 social sciences division
clark leotis educational specialist 678-623-1234 upward bound - thomaston
shanklin iris director 678-623-1221 student activities
felder morgan director 404-756-2741 student support services
jean ruth director 678-623-1190 educational talent search
king sabrina director 404-756-2731 upward bound thomaston
gayle charlene assistant professor of business administration 404-756-4006 Business & Computer science
beadles amanda dispatcher 404-756-4477 amsc police department
crosland dwayne police officer 404-756-4477 amsc police department
gammon jr. wiley chief 404-756-4477 amsc police department
hill marcus corporal 404-756-4477 amsc police department
hutchinson christopher lecturer of arts Humamities & Fine Arts
klusza stephen laboratory professional biology science Math & Health Professions
manget-johnson carol instructor 404-756-3924 Humanities & Fine Arts
mckee ivan Recruitment & Retention Assistant 404-756-2774 student affairs
mcqueen lashander sr. records coordinator 678-623-1121 registrar
parker val instructor 404-756-3923 Humanities & Fine Arts
preston jasmine office manager 678-623-1192 upward bound-thomaston math/science
rasheed muhammad college recruiter 678-623-1231 student outreach and access
reuven darkeyah laboratory professional chemis science Math & Health Professions
robbins keyvonna dispatcher 404-756-4477 amsc police department
speller shari college recruiter 689-623-1159 student outreach and access
taylor erica academic case manager (achieve atlanta) center for academic advising
walker chadrick director 678-623-1187 upward bound-thomaston math/science
whelchel noel instructor 404-756-5692 science Math & Health Professions
woodard cameron counselor 678-623-1342  
nwaogu eze professor of information tech 404-756-4718 Business & Computer science division